Build a Strong (and Sober) Community After Drug Treatment

During your time at Choice House, we focus greatly on building a strong community that walks by your side during every phase of the recovery journey. Such bonds are key to getting through the difficult moments of addiction rehab and knowing you are never alone. This type of supportive community should continue even after completing a drug treatment program, and we have a few tips on how to accomplish and build a sober community:

Participate in Our Alumni Program

Staying connected after going through an addiction treatment program is sometimes easier said than done, so we’ve created a whole program devoted to maintaining these friendships. Our alumni program includes group meetings, conferences, special events, monthly alumni dinners, outings and expeditions, volunteer opportunities, a private Facebook group, and much more.

12-Step Meetings in Boulder

We are firm believers in the 12-Step Program and have witnessed its amazing potential to turn lives around. The best part about the 12-Step Program is that it’s not confined to initial drug rehab alone – it is for life. Following treatment, find a 12-Step community near you to meet others who understand the power of a sober lifestyle.

Build Sober Relationships

When you decide that it is healthy to begin dating again following addiction treatment, we strongly recommend finding someone who respects your decision to stay sober and who practices sobriety as well. A romantic partner is one of the strongest relationships you will have in your life, and it is tremendously important that they help you stay on the right path, rather than tempt you to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Consider a Sober Housing Community

Sober housing communities place a strong emphasis on practicing the sober values that were learned in the initial rehabilitation phase. Surrounding yourself with other people who have the same goals to live a healthy lifestyle is incredibly powerful for forming a sober post-treatment community.

Avoid Triggering Situations

The hard work you’ve accomplished to build a sober community will be diminished if you place yourself in situations that tempt you to revert to drug and alcohol use. Stay away from old clubs, friends who used drugs and alcohol, and other locations that are reminiscent of your past addiction.

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