Choice House message on COVID-19

Washing hands

We’re closely monitoring COVID-19 throughout the United States and have put into place additional processes to ensure client safety, education around this virus, as well as increased hygiene of our staff, clients and facilities. In the interest of our clients, staff, families, and local community we are proceeding with the following precautions:

    • Some outdoor activities in populated areas may be postponed. Choice House will continue to provide low-risk outdoor activities to our men.
    • As of June 1, we are meeting in small groups again, however, we are monitoring this closely and telehealth/virtual meetings may be reinstated if the situation changes.

In addition to these steps Choice House has taken the following actions:

      • We are carefully screening all incoming clients which include questions around recent travel, any known symptoms, and at-risk family members. Anyone deemed a potential risk to the Choice House community will not be admitted to our facilities.
      • We’ve implemented a screening process for any Choice House client or staff member who has encountered an infected individual or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, this includes providing access to testing for the virus.
      • In the event we have a resident or staff member who’s been exposed to or has been in recent contact with an infected individual, or a client or staff member who has symptoms of the illness or is positive for COVID-19, Choice House has developed protocols that will go into effect immediately.

During this time the Choice House community will continue to engage in life. We will continue to pursue connection, recovery and the activities that bring our community meaning, happiness and tranquility. We will remain open, providing care to our clients, and will be in frequent communication with all authorized external parties involved in a client’s care. We will continue to communicate with appropriate officials and health experts as we closely monitor the evolving situation.