Sober Living Later in Life: It’s never too late

Let’s face it: Some people get into recovery after their 30’s. Many people struggle through the turmoil of their addiction for years before finding a new way to live. Some growing up with a family of heavy drinkers and believe drinking is just the only way of life. Others may have a spouse that also drinks or uses other substances and the decision  becomes to get clean together or leave the relationship to find help.  Still, many justify their alcohol or substance use through excuses or minimizations; some may believe since they aren’t “partying heavily” in bars or staying out till all hours of the night that they don’t need to change. We get it — change is hard for everyone and getting clean can be extremely difficult.

Whatever the reasons, it’s never too late to start the journey to a life in recovery. There’s no expiration date on recovery and sobriety. Sure, things will be different for those over the age of 30 than for a 25-year-old. It’s possible to use life’s wisdom to their advantage. In finding your sober path, maybe you could help others along the way. Starting the journey in recovery is an act of courage, humility, open-mindedness and willingness. And if there are other friends or family members who are also considering this big change then remember, there is power in numbers.

Please read this great post from The Fix that talks about some of the challenges people face when they take the first step to recovery later in life. And then remember that you are not alone on this sober journey.





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