Alcoholism Rehab Treatment

Alcoholism Treatment Center in Boulder, CO

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common types of substance addictions our country faces. With the social acceptance and widespread availability of alcohol, it’s not hard to believe that more than 18 million people nationwide are dealing with alcoholism. Alcohol addiction can lead to an array of health issues, as well as issues in relationships, social lives, careers, etc.

Our team at Choice House provides supportive, structured alcohol addiction treatment and rehab programs at our sober living center in Boulder, Colorado so that those struggling with alcoholism may reclaim a healthy, sober lifestyle. We believe that effective drug rehab channels connection, community and strong moral principles. Our Boulder alcohol treatment center fosters a sober living team, all of whom are united to overcome drug and alcohol addictions.

The Choice House Approach to Alcohol Addiction

Boulder sober living starts with meaningful alcohol treatment and recovery options. Participants in our 90-day Colorado rehab and treatment program experience healing through a variety of means. Our addiction and trauma-certified clinical staff provide treatment for alcoholism and co-occurring disorders specific to each individual’s needs. Throughout the several phases of our 90-day Boulder alcohol treatment process at our center, participants will engage in revitalizing outdoor therapy in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, group and individual therapies, and relapse prevention plans for the future.

Choice House’s Boulder alcohol treatment center and Colorado rehab program options continue with the structured sober living option to help transition back into everyday life. This alcohol rehabilitation program offers a 12-Step foundation and includes several types of therapy, such as process and art therapy, as well as resume and career support to assist with integration back into society. The close proximity to downtown Louisville in Boulder County and Rocky Mountain National Park provides ample opportunities for meaningful alcohol recovery.

Those living in Choice House’s structured sober living homes for their Boulder alcohol rehab also participate in our Intensive Outpatient Treatment program (IOP). This 12-week program in Boulder allows participants to work full-time or attend school, while still getting the clinical support they need to achieve long-lasting sobriety from their alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism affects countless individuals and families. Explore Boulder sober living home options by contacting our admissions team: 720-577-4422 or