Addiction Relapse Warning Signs

Addiction Relapse Warning Signs

One of the greatest struggles of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is the possibility of a relapse. It takes not only a great amount of self-control and determination to prevent relapses but entire lifestyle changes as well. Choice House in Boulder offers treatment programs for substance addiction recovery when you or a loved one may need help.

Learn about the common addiction relapse warning signs so you can prevent yourself or a loved one from going back to addiction.

Reverting to a Previous Lifestyle

One clear warning sign that someone may relapse back to addiction is reverting back to a previous lifestyle that led to the addiction in the first place. A person’s career, home life or other life circumstances all could have impacted their initial choice to abuse drugs or alcohol. Reverting to such lifestyle choices could also cause someone to revert to addiction. Additionally, if you notice a distinct change in a person’s behavior, this could be a clear sign that they have already relapsed or are on the brink of relapsing. If you think you or a loved one may be relapsing, contact Choice House to learn more about our Boulder treatment programs for substance addiction recovery.

Continuing Past Friendships

Similarly, continuing past friendships can lead to a relapse. Those who also abused drugs and alcohol or supported the addiction could cause someone to relapse down the road. Choice House recommends those who have reclaimed sobriety to form relationships with others who have made the same decision to live a sober lifestyle – building a sober community is imperative.

Anxiety and Stressful Situations

Extreme anxiety and stress are common factors that have led to drug and alcohol addiction in the first place. If you notice a loved one is dealing with emotional risk factors that have contributed to addiction in the past, know that they may be extra vulnerable to a drug relapse.


When someone who has struggled with addiction becomes isolated or lonely, it becomes easier to turn to drugs or alcohol. Help them maintain sobriety with our Boulder treatment programs for substance abuse recovery at Choice House, and by surrounding them with positive relationships and sober outdoor activities.

Casually Using or Fantasizing About Using Substances 

Many individuals who have reclaimed sobriety succumb to the lie that “just one drink won’t hurt” or “I’m just casually using drugs.” Such behavior is highly dangerous and most likely will lead to a relapse. The best way to prevent drug and alcohol abuse is to swear off these substances altogether. Similarly, if a loved one is fantasizing or talking about drug use, this could be a warning sign that they’re considering using once again.


Part of Choice House’s 90-Day Treatment Program for substance addiction recovery in Boulder, Colorado is constructing a plan to prevent future relapses so that participants can attain long-lasting sobriety. Learn more about all our recovery programs.

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