Recover in Boulder County: city conveniences plus mountain peace of mind

Addiction Recovery in Boulder, CO

Addiction Recovery in Boulder, CO

In real estate, there’s a short (if repetitive) saying that speaks to what’s important when looking for a property: “Location. Location. Location.” And while a location isn’t the most critical element to consider when looking at recovery programs, it never hurts to choose somewhere that aligns with the things you care about.

Which brings us to the Boulder, Colorado area, a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and interests. On average, Boulder sees 245 sun-drenched days each year, making it the perfect place to ease your busy mind with some quality time in the outdoors. We do see our share of snow (around 95 inches) as well, but winter storms are typically followed by sunny days that clear away winter’s evidence almost as fast as it comes.

Another factor you’ll want to think about when considering residential recovery centers relates to ease of use, e.g., How close is it to grocery stores, public transit, banks, and healthy entertainment options. The Choice House rehabilitation center and recovery community in Boulder offers the conveniences of city living, with nearby bus access, grocery store and restaurant choices, and several educational and employment opportunities. Take the bus to Pearl Street, where there’s no shortage of streetside entertainment or boutique shopping; lace up your shoes for an exhilarating walk along some of the 150 miles of maintained trails; or unwind on the shores of Boulder Creek.

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Addiction recovery frequently entails its fair share of soul searching, which is often best accomplished in a location suited for quieting the noise in your mind. The Choice location is uniquely suited to afford residents the practical conveniences they need, with the chance to “get away” from it all – without actually having to leave. A number of natural areas are located nearby, as well as the Boulder Flatirons peaks and if you’re so inclined, a bit longer in the car can get you into Rocky Mountain National Park, where you can even ride up Trail Ridge Road to hear the elk bugle every fall. There are so many chances to get outside and get your heart rate up; it’s almost more work to avoid exercise than to just do it. To find the path back to your healthiest, most meaningful life with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, step out our back door and hike, bike, climb, swim, ski, and skate.

Recovering from addiction and substance abuse is hard work. Choosing where you want to do that work… can be easy. To learn more about Choice House and the advantages of recovering in Boulder, contact Choice House today.

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