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It doesn’t matter your age, ethnicity, background or social class: Addiction does not target just one “type” of person. Anyone can fall into the trap of drug or alcohol abuse, which is why the Choice House team focuses on treating men from all walks of life. Our Boulder, Colorado drug and substance abuse treatment and rehab programs for men are not “cookie-cutter” – they are designed to meet each individual where they are at and address their own unique needs.

Our approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction is centered on compassion, clinical work, community and methods that generate results.

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Gender-specific drug treatment in Colorado:

Our Boulder area drug and substance abuse treatment center and programs at Choice House are specifically for men. We understand that addiction affects both men and women, but we have found that gender-specific treatment is most effective long-term for a number of reasons:

  • Men and women have different chemical makeups, thus creating different experiences while using drugs
  • Men often have different reasons for starting drug use than women do
  • Clients will be more comfortable expressing emotions during group therapy sessions and conversations with gender specific treatment
  • Opportunity to foster deeper bonds over shared experiences, such as through outdoor adventure therapy
  • Fewer distractions in gender-specific treatment

Read more about why gender-specific treatment is the preferred option.


Long-term treatment is most successful:

Our Boulder drug, substance and alcohol abuse treatment center and programs for men, focus heavily on longevity and completely transforming our participants’ lifestyles. Our clients start with the 90-day residential treatment program and are encouraged to continue with our IOP and transitional sober living program. A few benefits of long-term treatment (versus 30-day treatment) include:

  • Reduced risk of relapse down the road
  • More time to develop important recovery skills
  • Opportunity to form strong bonds with others in recovery
  • Make the most of counseling during rehab by allowing more time to build deeper relationships
  • More thoroughly breaks the cycle of dependence


Focus on the Family

We understand better than anyone just how devastating addiction can be for the whole family. When we see our loved ones suffer from addiction, it is heartbreaking, frustrating, defeating and everything in between. Because no one should be left feeling helpless through their loved one’s struggles, we offer a comprehensive family program every 5-6 weeks. This three-day workshop is facilitated by our chief clinical officer, Jill Krush, LPC, NCC, CAC III, who guides families through an experiential learning process that combines lecture, interactive role play and group process. We strongly recommend that families attend at least one of these workshops while their loved one is going through drug treatment at Choice House.


Effects of Treatment

Our Boulder drug treatment programs are incredibly effective and transform the lives of participants. Our clients leave Choice House with powerful tools to rebuild their lives, careers and relationships. Even better, the bonds they form with other men undergoing treatment at Choice House are the starts to lifelong friendships. We encourage graduates to stay in touch on their own and through our alumni program. Following treatment, many of our participants go on to live remarkable lives…and some even come back to work at Choice House to keep the legacy going! Get to know our team members.

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