Rock Climbing in Recovery

Here at Choice House for men, a core component of our Boulder programs for alcohol and drug addiction, is adventure therapy. It is an honor as a primary therapist to participate in the outdoor programming such as hiking and rock climbing. These men in early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction at our Boulder rehab center get to experience these activities that challenge and enhance their ability to overcome obstacles.

Rock Climbing in Recovery

They learn to push themselves to the top of the climb and the top of the mountain. These men gain a greater level of confidence every time they strive to challenge themselves. As a clinician in the field, I get to witness men at our Boulder alcohol and drug addiction rehab center find joy in sobriety as they rebuild their self-confidence through participating in adventure therapy.

Rock Climbing in Recovery

How humbling it is to witness our clients, new in their recovery, trying something they have never done before. Rock climbing is a great way for people new in recovery learn to trust themselves and others. Helping clients to navigate the rock face is symbolic of helping them to navigate their life in sobriety. Every successful move builds their confidence as they make their way to the top.

– Brandy Nelson, LPCC, Primary Therapist

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