Is My Child Destined to Become an Addict?

Is My Child Destined to Become an Addict?

Having children comes with a plethora of worries about the future: Where will they go to school? Will they make good friends? What kind of choices will they make? The list goes on. For those who have struggled with addiction and alcoholism in their pasts, such worries intensify. Many addicts have a family history of addiction and have found themselves facing the same issues, even though they have sworn not to go down that path.

Naturally, the question of whether a child will become an addict is an overwhelming concern for those who have dealt with addiction. But are these worries legitimate? Is every child of an addict destined to become one as well? It’s impossible to answer a definitive yes or no because every child and situation is different, but here are a few helpful parenting tips if you have struggled with addiction.

Genetics Play a Role in Addiction

Several aspects of a person’s DNA – including how one handles stress, having an addictive personality, mental illness, etc. – could amplify their tendency toward addiction. Because children inherit their DNA from their parents, such traits that led to a parent’s alcoholism or addiction could also lead their child in a similar direction.

Environmental Factors Matter More

While it is true that genetics play a role in addiction, it’s not the only factor. Environmental elements – such as social circles, history of abuse and violence, accessibility of drugs, etc. – all play a crucial role in whether the child of an addict will follow in their footsteps. Remember, an outdoor environment provides a positive setting to prevent and recover from addiction.

Here’s the Good News…

If you’re afraid the future looks bleak, just remember… Who better to instill strong, anti-drug values in a child than someone who has experienced the dangers of addiction? If you recognize personality traits or mental illness in your child that has led you to drug abuse in the past, you are already well-equipped for dealing with these issues in an understanding and productive manner. Furthermore, you have the wisdom to identify warning signs of initial drug use to prevent drug addiction before it begins.


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