Is There Such Thing as an “Addictive Personality?”

The term, “addictive personality,” is thrown around so frequently that it is easy to accept it as a medical diagnosis without giving it much thought. While some may blame their addictive personality for drug and alcohol abuse, many psychologists would disagree because it is not an actual psychiatric diagnosis, according to Web MD.

However, before we shut down the notion that addiction is a type of personality, it is important to recognize that there are other personality traits that do contribute to a person’s drug or alcohol use. Before we delve into those, though, let’s discuss what exactly defines an addiction.

Healthy Enthusiasm v. Addiction

People use the word, “addiction,” to describe just about any love they have – caffeine, chocolate, reading, television, interior design, you name it. The simplest way to distinguish an addiction from a healthy passion is that addiction takes away from a person’s life, rather than adds to it.

Personality traits that contributes to drug or alcohol addiction

While addiction is not a personality trait, the following traits can lead to a person’s drug abuse:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Impulsiveness
  • Negativity
  • Carelessness

Similarly, individuals may possess certain behavioral characteristics that contribute to the drug addiction:

  • Easily giving in to life’s pressures
  • Driven by thrill-seeking behavior
  • Manipulating loved ones to get drug money or fulfill addiction
  • An inability to quit using a harmful substance

While none of these traits are addiction itself, all of them can help explain why a person might choose to use drugs in the first place, which can lead to an eventual addiction.

Addiction Can Be Overcome

According to Web MD, while there is a genetic component to addiction, it certainly does not mean you are destined to become addicted to harmful substances even if your family has a history of addiction.

Even more important than classifying addiction is knowing that there is hope, no matter what. At Choice House, a Boulder addiction recovery and treatment center, our 90-day treatment program and sober living with Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) are both fully committed to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our participants experience the bonds of brotherhood, as well as numerous types of therapy, including group therapy, individual therapy, creative therapy and outdoor adventure therapy in order to achieve sobriety. As a Boulder drug addiction recovery and alcohol treatment center, we focus on compassion, unity and the principles of the 12-step program to help individuals experience sober living.

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