Revealing your path to lasting recovery. Located in beautiful and thriving Boulder County, Colorado, the Choice House recovery community is the perfect place to rediscover who you are and find the path back to your healthiest, most meaningful life.

Choice House treatment facility, boulder colorado

An authentic path to lasting recovery. Located in beautiful and thriving Boulder County, Colorado, the Choice House recovery community is the perfect place to rediscover who you are and find the path back to your healthiest, most meaningful life.

we build lasting foundations

inspired recovery in the Rockies

At Choice House, we know that 30-day inpatient treatment is usually not enough time to build a foundation to support long-term sobriety. Research shows that the chances for success increase dramatically when an individual spends a minimum of 90 days in a structured setting.

A premier provider of structured, long-term services designed to support clients on their road to lasting recovery, Choice House never rushes the process. We provide compassionate, comprehensive support, as well as the additional structure and longevity needed to maximize the potential for success in recovery. If you or a loved one needs support in the journey to sobriety, we’re here to help.

three programs, one mission

embrace a new beginning

Tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder County, Colorado, Choice House offers three different treatment programs for those seeking recovery: Choice The Lookout, Choice for Men, and Choice for Women. Three programs on a singular mission: to provide a nurturing and supportive living environment that enhances the continuum of care necessary to achieve long-term, joyful sobriety.

The three programs are located within Boulder County, an active, flourishing community of approximately 320,000 that provides ample work, volunteer, education, and internship opportunities for Choice community residents. Making life even easier is the proximity of the Choice community to public transit and a range of shopping destinations. Boulder County offers the best of city convenience with the charm of living in the country: The Rocky Mountains are a mere 15 minutes away, providing seemingly unlimited year-round outdoor recreational opportunities. Ride or hike the trails, whitewater raft, golf, ski or snowboard, or just spend some unstructured time wandering the Flatirons.


"As parents of a recovering addict, we can’t print enough positive comments about the Choice House program and the care rendered to our son. David was at a crossroads in his life and needed a positive experience following a 90-day stay at an inpatient rehab center. Choice House provided a caring, nurturing safe haven, as well as a dedicated professional staff capable of helping to guide our son through this difficult transition. We are delighted with the experience David had at Choice House and have recommended this program to other parents."

richard and jennie - Richard and Jennie

"Choice House was an essential piece to my current sobriety. I stayed at Choice House for 6 months while enduring through the loss of a family member. Having a safe place and in-house meetings helped me get through the unimaginable while recovering from my own addictions. I felt very comfortable in their upscale, nice living environment. I would recommend Choice House and The Lookout to anyone who needs help. I am forever grateful for my time at Choice House."

matthew - Matthew D.

“I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to stay at Choice for Women after leaving my 30-day treatment center. I received amazing support and counseling from staff from my very first day and for the entire duration I was there. I left with the skills and coping techniques to continue my life of recovery, as well as an established support system in the community. While in sober living I was able to discover and develop talents and hobbies that I will continue to pursue. The accommodations in the home were very comfortable and I loved developing connections with other women in recovery. Without having the support of a women's sober living facility, I wouldn't have been nearly as successful transitioning back to life.”

matthew - Corissa V.

“My time at Choice for Men has been integral to my success as I approach one year of sobriety! The program is owned, operated and supervised by kind and caring people who have all walked the path of recovery. Their experience, strength and hope has been an example to me throughout my own recovery process. The program involves both individual and group therapy, as well as personal and community responsibility. The relationships I have formed while at Choice for Men and that continue today have sustained me through this very difficult time in my life. I would recommend this program without reservation to any man who struggles with addiction and is serious about long-term recovery.”

matthew - John M.

“Being parents of an addict who was on the tough "road to recovery", Choice House gave us peace of mind as the perfect transition to a life with sobriety. Choice House offered a safe home-like setting, top level professional counseling, and structured independence. It was a place where support and guidance was offered while healing and growth occurred. We will be forever grateful for their experienced leadership and support. Choice House was a true blessing for our family.”

matthew - Mary G.

inspired insight

At Choice, we know the journey toward sobriety is a lifelong pursuit, which is why we’re committed to recovery that lasts. One of the most effective ways of moving toward that goal is to keep in contact with those individuals who are either on the same journey or who fully support your path. To aid in this effort, we post informational, educational, and inspired words of wisdom - read & enjoy.

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