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choice the lookout

extended care recovery

Choice The Lookout is an extended-care Boulder substance abuse treatment and therapy program provided by experienced addiction and trauma-certified clinical staff with a significant emphasis on the 12-Steps and evidence-based therapeutic modalities. Staff also provide for necessary additional services by coordinating work with professional consultants, physicians, and therapists from the Boulder and Denver area. Treatment at The Lookout is a 90-day process that works in three phases.

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choice for men

recovery living

The next step in the care continuum, Choice for Men is a 12-Step based enhanced recovery living community in Boulder county for those who have completed Choice The Lookout or other substance abuse treatment programs or who are appropriate candidates for structured recovery living. Choice for Men requires a minimum 90-day commitment, but subsequent lengths of stay are tailored to individual needs. It is at this level of care where our men begin to work, live in independent homes, cook for themselves, have access to vehicles, electronics, and start to build their recovery community both inside and outside of our men's program.

choice for women

recovery living

Choice for Women is a 12-Step based enhanced recovery community for women coming out of primary/transitional treatment and therapy for substance abuse. With five private bedrooms, Choice for Women offers clients a healthy and inspiring environment where they can continue to strengthen the foundations of their sober lives. Located within the Choice House residential living community in Louisville, Colorado, Choice for Women is within walking distance to a range of shopping opportunities as well as a nearby bus line. Choice for Women offers variable lengths of stay, with a minimum 90-day commitment.

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To learn more about the Choice admissions process, please contact Jordan Hamilton at 720-577-4422.