Why 12-Step Addiction Recovery Programs Work

For those who have battled drug and alcohol addiction, the road to recovery can be found along many routes. While no two paths to rehabilitation are exactly the same, many have found that certain elements – such as structure, community and therapy – are most beneficial for attaining life-long sobriety.

At Choice House, we strongly advocate a 12-Step Program for those who have struggled with addiction. Our Boulder, Colorado 90-Day Treatment Program and Intensive Outpatient Program both offer a 12-Step component that many individuals have found valuable while recovering from addiction.

Here are just a few reasons why 12-Step addiction recovery programs work:

12-Step Programs Provide Ongoing Sober Community

12-Step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, provide individuals with a strong community of people who have also chosen sobriety as a lifestyle. After leaving primary treatment, it can be difficult to find a network that does not use drugs or alcohol. 12-Step programs offer a constant support system of sober individuals who fully understand what it’s like to struggle with an addiction.

12-Step Emphasizes Hope in Higher Authority

A large component of 12-Step programs is the emphasis on a higher power or higher goal. This can include a religious higher power but certainly does not have to for those who do not consider themselves religious. The purpose of this element is to help individuals recognize that there is an authority higher than themselves to rely on – whether that comes in the form of a deity, goal, ideology, etc. This helps people achieve humility and find hope beyond themselves.

12-Step Removes Stigma of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When returning to daily life following primary treatment, many have found that it can be difficult to talk about their drug or alcohol addiction for fear of being stigmatized. Even though many people have experienced similar situations, they are afraid of being met with judgment or ostracization because of their past struggles. 12-Step programs provide a space for individuals to freely discuss their past addictions with those who understand what they have been through.

Encourages Responsibility for Consequences of Addiction

Along with providing unique support, 12-Step programs also encourage participants to take responsibility for the consequences of their drug or alcohol addiction as a healthy way of coming to terms with it. This includes admitting the nature of the wrongdoings, making amends with people who have been wronged, etc.


Choice House’s 12-Step addiction recovery programs are a valuable opportunity for those who are continuing their rehabilitation efforts and are seeking a strong support system. Contact us today at 720-577-4422 or hello@choicehouse.com to learn more about our recovery communities in Boulder, Colorado.

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