What Recovery Means to Me

At Choice House, we live life to its fullest and believe choosing the journey towards recovery is a milestone well worth celebrating. Recognizing that we’re all unique, it only makes sense that our recoveries might carry special meanings for each of us. So we recently asked our staff and the Choice community, “What does recovery mean to you?” Their answers (showcased in the pics we’ll be sharing below) are worth far more than words.

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recovery fellowship


“Recovery Means…Fellowship.” – Louise


anon recovery2


“Recovery means…acceptance and the loss of fear.”




“Recovery Means…to stay the course” – Jordan


mark recovery w


“Recovery Means…Opportunity!” – Mark


mary recovery w


“Recovery Means…Being a hollow bone to help all beings heal!!!” – Mary


anon recovery w


“Recovery Means…continued growth through sobriety.”


anon recovery3 w


“Recovery Means…one step at a time”


ozzie recovery w


“Recovery Means…having a life worth living!” – Ozzie


page recovery w


“Recovery Means…never living in my car again!” – Page


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