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At our Boulder, Colorado drug and alcohol rehab facility, we understand that drug and alcohol addiction often coincide with mental disorders. This could be because an individual struggling with mental illness turned to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism, or the mental illness could result from the drug abuse. Either way, our Colorado drug addiction therapy programs in Boulder take a holistic approach to healing each client.

The therapeutic modalities we use are designed to find an individualized recovery plan that fits each person’s needs accordingly. Learn more about some of our preferred therapeutic methods:

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types of therapeutic modalities

Experiential and Psychodrama Therapy

Psychodrama is the original form of experiential psychotherapy. During this process, the participant(s) reenact a particular scenario in order to bring forth past traumas and issues that need to be dealt with.


Somatic Therapy

The purpose of somatic therapy is to identify and mitigate the long-lasting impacts of a previous traumatic event. This method examines the relationship between the client’s nervous system and stressful memories to help free them from anxieties that are still affecting them.


Group Therapy

Our Colorado drug addiction therapy and recovery programs in Boulder utilize many forms of group therapy to build mutual trust amongst clients, as well as bring new perspectives to the table. Group therapy helps clients understand that they are not along on their recovery journey, and it creates opportunities to further support one another as they find healing from past addictions.


EMDR Therapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy specifically focuses on treating those who have PTSD. During this highly specialized form of therapy, clients are asked to relive traumatic incidents while the therapist examines eye movement to evaluate the psychological response. This type of therapy greatly reduces the negative impact caused by triggering memories.


Intervention Through Art

Creative therapies, such as art therapy, is extremely powerful during the healing process. It provides relief from distressing symptoms through rhythmic, soothing, physical engagement, and it creates a space for active imagination and non-judgmental inquiry.


Mindfulness and Yoga

Getting in touch with intentional physical movements through yoga gives clients the ability to find new and healthy coping mechanisms. Practicing such mindfulness helps individuals return to center and approach issues with a fresh perspective and rejuvenated mindset.


Outdoor Adventure Therapy

With the Rocky Mountains as our playground, we strongly believe in healing what’s on the inside by getting outside. Outdoor adventure therapy has proven to be an incredibly effective way of forming healthy connections and positive coping mechanisms.


Relapse Prevention

Our trained therapists meet with each client to devise an individualized plan to prevent relapses in the future. Before returning to civilian life, every client will have a toolbox full of methods to help them stay on the right path.


Healing Happens in Community

Throughout each of our Colorado drug addiction therapy and recovery programs in Boulder, our participants form a close brotherhood with one another. This powerful community creates life-long bonds with others in the same shoes, and it continues through our many alumni events.

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