The Benefits of Sober Living at Choice House


You’ve decided to enter an addiction recovery program but are having trouble deciding which facility will work best for you. Choosing a treatment facility depends on your specific needs and wants. However, if you are looking for a comfortable facility with therapy geared towards men, you will find the treatment program at Choice House quite beneficial. No matter if you are engaging in our long-term treatment program or are doing an outpatient treatment, you are sure to love our facilities. We work hard to make sure our guests have the perfect environment to facilitate their recovery. Our environment makes it easy for guests to participate in the many activities and different forms of therapy we offer. 

Your Private Room

When deciding to enter a treatment program, some worry about the possibility of sharing a bedroom with someone they don’t know. However, this won’t be a concern when going to Choice House. One of the things guests love most about living at Choice House is getting their own private bedrooms. 

Our private bedrooms have everything you need to have a comfortable stay while keeping you free from distractions that may hinder your recovery. You won’t need to deal with a roommate who snores or is up all hours of the night. Addiction recovery can be challenging enough. At Choice House, we want to make sure you can get a good night’s sleep.

Support from Our Community

One of the most important things someone going through addiction recovery needs is constant support. At Choice House, we ensure you are provided with whatever support you may need. Our community is full of supportive and helpful men that push each other to be the best versions of themselves. Everyone in our community has the same goal as you and knows what you are going through. This makes opening up during therapies and programs much easier as you are likely to be more comfortable around peers. 

While undergoing treatment, this support system will be with you all hours of the day. Our hope is that, while at Choice House, you will form life-long friendships. Holding on to the bonds will assure that you have a great support system, even after treatment.

Loneliness is a terrible feeling and may get when going through addiction recovery. Isolation should be avoided to the best of your ability — it is a common relapse trigger. Without a support system, you may feel the need to return to substance use to free your time and diminish your lonely feelings. Recovery is not something you need to go through on your own. Our community supports each other, and everyone from guests to staff members will work hard to help you get better. 

We Work With You to Prevent Relapses

During your stay at Choice House, you will find that we prepare you for your life after treatment. Of course, we want you to solely focus on recovery during your stay, but we want you to be prepared to return to the real world as well. 

The benefit of living at a sober living facility is that you will figure out new things to do in your day-to-day life. You will hopefully find new hobbies and ways to avoid thinking about using substances. 

We have some of the best therapists on staff who will help you work through any past traumas or other underlying causes of your addiction. Doing this deep dive will help you confront the reasons for your addiction and recover in the best way. 

We also host multiple group therapies throughout the week, which gives everyone a chance to open up to their peers. You won’t have to if you don’t want to, but opening up can allow you to get opinions and advice from several different voices. You can be assured, our group therapy sessions will be supportive of your recovery, and you will never feel judged. 

Beautiful Views and Outdoor Activities

Another significant part of our sober living facility is that it is located in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado. Thanks to our location, we offer a litany of programs that focus on spending time outdoors. Outdoor therapy is an excellent method for combating addiction for many reasons, including promoting a healthier life. 

During your stay at Choice House, you will engage in many outdoor activities, including skiing, golfing, hiking, and much more. Being outdoors gives you time to breathe and focus solely on your recovery. Plus, what’s a more poetic way to beat an addiction than climbing an actual mountain?


Staying at a sober living facility has proven beneficial for many of those going through addiction recovery. At Choice House, we have a sober living facility with private bedrooms, new kitchens, a game room, and much more. When staying at Choice House, you will receive 24/7 support from both our community and staff members. We have excellent therapists on staff who will help you work through any past traumas or current anxieties. A huge benefit of staying at Choice House is our beautiful location in Boulder, Colorado, where you can take excellent views of the Rocky Mountains. Our location also offers some of the best opportunities for outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, and more. We provide long-term treatment options and outpatient treatment, which are both designed to help you recover in the best way possible. If you are interested in starting your treatment at Choice House, contact us at  (720) 577-4422