Song of the Wolf Healing Center Experiences

Song of the Wolf Healing Center

“If we help heal the animals, Mother Earth will begin to heal, and when this occurs, the people will remember many things they have forgotten; those sacred spaces and places we once called home. This can only bring good into our lives and the lives of others”

Mary Ann McCain
Co-Founder Song of the Wolf Healing Center (SOWHC)

Song of the Wolf Healing Center is a non-profit organization for abused, unwanted, confiscated and surrendered wolfdogs. Song of the Wolf focuses on healing the animal-human bond through educational workshops, volunteering, and animal-assisted therapeutic activities. This is a healing center for all.

As a Licensed therapist who has been in the addiction field for 30 years, I have witnessed profound experiences personally and professionally working with such incredible animals. There are many similarities the addict has in common with wolves and wolfdogs: separation from their family, their environment; trauma responses; trust issues; and most importantly being misunderstood.

Participants at Choice House share their experiences:

“When we first arrived, I remember feeling the emptiness of being in a cage due to my addiction. I felt extremely vulnerable with the animals. When leaving, I realized I left the lifestyle I was living in my addiction with the land and animals. Feeling vulnerable is what I need to remain clean.”

“I loved the animals. They are beautiful. I was so relaxed and tranquil. The animals were comfortable, which made me feel comfortable.”

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