Realizing Your Worth in Recovery

Before a person tends to seek out addiction recovery, they’re lost in this endless cycle of denial, cynicism, and habits that only seem to bring them down further. Alcohol and drugs have become a part of their norm. At this point, it’s easier to neglect dangerous aspects of mental and physical health that are crucial to their wellbeing. The road to self-worth is a long one. It’s a process that can even take a lifetime, as we come across different challenges in life and learn lessons that we’ve never experienced before. Recognizing your worth is one of the most important aspects of healing that you could ever uncover. Once you realize this, the guidelines of life become much more accessible.

 Exploring Self-Worth

Self-worth is more than just caring for yourself or even standing up for yourself in stressful situations. It’s about recognizing that no matter what wrongs you’ve done in the past, there is still an opportunity for you to experience love, peace, and happiness. Even as a flawed human being, you still have so much potential to offer to the world. You might not recognize it at the time, but the skills, talents, and thoughts that you bring can genuinely change someone else’s life for the better; it just takes time to build this type of inner strength.

 Spirituality can play a significant role in the exploration of self-worth, particularly as a person learns that they’re not alone in trying to navigate the road called “life.” Another Higher Power – some would say God – is right there, and no matter what path you take, you’re loved and are capable of changing for the better. It’s no longer about doing things to please other people. You only have yourself and a Higher Power to build a relationship with now. As you explore self-worth, you’ll find that decisions you’ve made in the past have been taken entirely differently. Over time, your resilience and wisdom will lead you to make choices that you’ve never made before.

 Applying Self-Worth to Your Daily Life

It all begins with waking up in the morning. As you yawn, stretch and open your eyes, it’s about becoming grateful for the day and recognizing the opportunities that come with that experience. It’s about saying to yourself that you’re not your past. You have the power to change your future by doing things that are more beneficial for your mental, physical and spiritual health. Self-worth could mean a lot of things, depending on what works for you:

  • Reading books that give you a sense of hope about the present and future
  • Praying each day and meditating for guidance and balance
  • Participating in 12-Step programs, as you build more structure in your daily life
  • Surrounding yourself with people who only lift you up rather than tear you down
  • Saying “no” to things that don’t serve you or a Higher Power
  • Saying “yes” to things that are conducive to your recovery

As you reflect on your own perception of self-worth, think to yourself: “Do I love myself? Do I forgive myself? Do I understand that as a human being, I’m bound to make mistakes? Do I take responsibility for the choices I’ve made in the past – and will I move forward with more clarity?” These questions are critical for your growth in sobriety. They can help you build your sense of self-worth because they take into account the very choices you’re making in life today that contribute to your wellbeing.

 Why Self-Worth is Hard Sometimes

Self-worth is hard sometimes because it’s easier to take the simple road. Unfortunately, this road is filled with negativity, pessimism, anger, self-pity, and despair. It’s much easier to feel bad for ourselves and cast blame than to take responsibility for how we’ve affected others, and then change our ways. Still, there comes a much stronger sense of self when worth is involved. When we begin to see the bigger picture of life and take a step back, we can acknowledge the potential within us. No matter what people have said about us before, it’s about what’s in our minds and hearts that matter most. For some, gaining insight into what blocks us from self worth can be invaluable.

 For many people, a Higher Power can help lead them to that answer and understanding. It’s comforting to know that we’re not alone – and with a Higher Power’s love in us, we’re able to move forward with confidence.

 Self-worth in itself is a difficult journey, but it begins once you seek recovery and step away from substances. If you’re ready to seek help, speak with a professional from Choice House today – it’s never too late or too early to begin working on a life filled with happiness and health. A lot of recovering people struggle to believe that they’re worth being in recovery. The road is long, and staying sober is rarely easy, but you should never doubt whether you’re worth it. By filling your life with esteemable acts and learning to remedy your mistakes, you’ll find a straight shot to a new life. While it is never easy to begin the recovery journey, it is always worth the effort. Above all, Choice Health provides you with the lifelong support system you’ll need to get sober and stay that way. Call us today at (720) 577-4422 to learn more.


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