8 Make-or-Break Questions to Ask When Seeking Drug Treatment

After struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction for months and years, making the decision to enter a drug rehab program is one of the most important choices you could possibly make. Before taking the leap, we recommend that you ask these make-or-break questions to ensure you are choosing the right addiction treatment facility:

1 | What is my ultimate goal when entering drug rehab?

The first one is a question for YOU. What are you hoping to accomplish during drug rehab? Is this a temporary fix for today’s problem, or a lifelong commitment? At our Boulder drug treatment facility, we take addiction recovery very seriously and conduct treatment with the purpose of attaining long-lasting sobriety.

2 | How long is the treatment program?

We strongly recommend that drug treatment lasts at least 90 days, versus the outdated standard of just 30 days. Our recovery process starts with 90-day residential treatment and continues with structured sober living or our intensive outpatient program (IOP). The benefits of long-term treatment include more time to practice recovery techniques, opportunity to build a stronger community, and more time to break the cycle of dependence.

3 | What kinds of therapies are offered at the rehabilitation facility?

Because every individual is different, it is necessary to incorporate multiple types of therapies in your addiction recovery process to find the modality that works best for you. We focus on a wide array of therapies, including but not limited to:

4 | Are life skills and relapse prevention part of the recovery training?

Treating drug addiction is about treating the whole self, as well creating a plan of action to live a healthy, sober life moving forward. During our addiction recovery programs, we devise a relapse prevention plan specific to each individual, as well as give career advice to help support a bright, post-treatment future.

5 | What is the community like at the drug treatment center?

We strongly believe that one of the most important factors of a successful drug treatment experience is forming close bonds with others going through rehab. Our community stands by each other’s sides every step of the way, which continues even beyond treatment through our alumni program and the lifelong relationships that develop.

6 | What are the credentials of the staff members and therapists facilitating drug treatment therapy?

The qualifications of those providing life advice play a large role in how capable they are of guiding clients through life-changing therapy. Our clinical team led by Chief Clinical Officer, Jill Krush, MS, LPC, NCC, CAC III is a nationally recognized therapist who specializes in depression and anxiety, stress management, and helping individuals, couples, and families heal from trauma and substance abuse issues. Learn more about our team of clinicians and therapists.

7 | What kind of support does the rehab center offer for families?

We understand completely that a drug addiction does not only impact the person struggling – it takes its toll on the entire family. Any addiction treatment facility should also offer support for family members to help them heal as well. Our family program guides families through an experiential learning process that combines lecture, interactive role play and group process in an effective three-day workshop.

8 | Does the treatment facility utilize the 12-Step Program?

The 12-Step Program has been lauded for a number of years as an incredibly effective tool for overcoming addiction. Our programs use this method for addiction treatment, and we encourage alumni to continue with a 12-Step community even following rehabilitation.

What questions do you have about starting addiction treatment? Our qualified professionals are here to help you every step of the way. Get the conversation started today by chatting with a real person on our admissions team: 720-577-4422 or hello@choicehouse.com.

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