Integrative Approach Training – Addiction & Attachment

An EFT Externship exclusively for addiction treatment program clinicians – by invitation only and limited to 21 clinicians

Addiction & Attachment – 4 Day Externship

Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018 @ 4 pm to Saturday, Dec. 1 @ 1 pm Louisville, Colorado

Facilitated by: Choice House
315 W. South Boulder Rd, Suite 109 Louisville, CO 80027

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This workshop integrates the growing body of research on attachment-based therapies, specifically E.F.T., into work with addiction intervention, treatment and recovery. These issues show up at higher frequency in our most difficult cases: the couple on the brink of divorce, the young adult in a treatment facility, or the adult client with complex multiple issues.

The attachment lens provides a common thread to understand these difficult issues in our work. E.F.T. helps us make sense of why trauma and adverse childhood experiences are so prevalent in our couples and families we serve.

We will explore how we can show-up as therapists to best help clients, couples and families. And how integrating the attachment lens and E.F.T treatment model in our work and programming benefits our clients and families. We will explore the commonality between addiction and relational trauma histories in treatment. In doing so, participants will learn:

  1. Attachment Theory related particularly to addiction and trauma as relevant to our programs
  2. The Process of Emotionally Focused Therapy and what it adds to our toolbox
  1. Assessment and Alliance Building from an attachment-focused E.F.T. perspective
  2. Learn the major interventions and key change events using E.F.T. for couples and families
  3. Approaching emotion, distress and emotional regulation in ground breaking clinical ways
  4. Understanding and addressing trauma, relational injuries and plethora of adverse childhood

experiences common to treatment program populations in affirmative, healing ways

*Registration is open to masters-level counselors, alcohol and drug counselors, case managers, marriage and family therapists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers practicing in addiction treatment setting

Register Here– 6 spots left!

Early Bird Registration: $1500 after Oct. 31, $1750. Please contact Integrative Approach to discuss group rates (3+ clinicians from a program). 28 CE – ICEEFT Accredited

Jim Thomas is an internationally renowned trainer and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He is a former Board Member, AAMFT, Approved Supervisor and Clinical Fellow. Jim is Director Emeritus, Denver Family Institute, and President of the Colorado Center for E.F.T. and an I.C.E.E.F.T. Certified E.F.T. Trainer (and 31 + years sober).

Amanda Thomas – “After spending time working in wilderness therapy with adolescents, I noticed parents & families weren’t getting support they needed while their loved ones were doing transformative work. The children were undergoing amazing change, but families remained the same, unchanged, and approached the reunion often with anxiety and lack of confidence.

Witnessing this crucial reunion repeatedly with families, I felt my calling into marriage and family therapy to ensure the entire family has the appropriate support throughout the entire journey. And to ensure a meaningful and mutually beneficial healing connection.”

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