How Can I Cope With Anxiety During a Health Crisis

As we evolve, so does the world around us. Humans are not the only organisms or lifeforms that change and adapt to the world. We are surrounded by animals that change, plants that evolve, and many things we can’t see that are continually moving forward to become better. This is also the case with illnesses and viruses, as we frequently see throughout history. While medical sciences are always improving and evolving as well, some things get by us. There are still things that we are not prepared for. When these kinds of viruses pop up, and we are not sure how to handle or contain it, this can cause panic and stress. 

We have experienced this just recently with the spread of the coronavirus. Once reports started to hit the news and social media, many people were quick to worry. We are not here to discuss how a person should or should not act; we are simply here to discuss the ramifications of that fear. It is natural for us to look at these things and think that everything will go wrong. For many of us, it brings back up some things we have dealt with in our recovery program. The fear that things are not going to go well and that we are in real danger is similar to what we felt when we first encountered our anxiety and mental conditions. Because of this, however, we are more equipped to cope with and deal with our stress. Remember, just because something may be deserving of concern doesn’t mean we have to let our anxiety over it completely derail and control our lives. Here are our tips for dealing with health crises and the fear that comes with them.

Give Yourself Space From Social Media & Media In General

The first thing you can do is take a media break. Take some time to not get on your social media platforms, don’t go looking through your feeds and reading up on all the latest updates and stories. There is value to the news, but you have to remember that many news sources are playing up their stories to get more views. It is an unfortunate part of our news cycles; everyone wants to be the most popular source. So take a step back from it and focus on the other things in your life that you can control. 

Practice Self-Care

Take care of yourself. This includes personal hygiene and physical health. Be sure to frequently clean your hands. Handwashing is a big way to help stop the spread of germs and lower your risk of getting sick. It’s a simple task that you can do to really help yourself and the people you contact. Exercise and sleep are also instrumental in helping stave off sickness, as both have been linked to improving our immune systems. Getting enough exercise and enough sleep is essential to keeping our bodies protected, running smoothly, and keeping our mental health in a good place. It will lower our feelings of anxiety naturally. 

Don’t Isolate More Than Necessary

When we hear about these kinds of health issues, we are inclined to spend more time inside to be safe. While this makes sense, keeping ourselves locked indoors is also a way for us to feel isolated. That can breed anxiety. We begin to become paranoid about the world around us, and that causes unhealthy thoughts and habits to form. So don’t be afraid to go for a walk or something outside. Nature and being outdoors can do a lot to give us peace and a feeling of ease. We can see that the world around us isn’t actually ending, and it can help us feel happier. 

Acknowledge Your Challenges

As you have learned in recovery, acknowledging your anxiety is also an important step to take. Don’t let it fester or be ignored; address it and let yourself work through it. You know how to do this, so don’t be afraid to apply the same coping mechanisms when dealing with anxiety after recovery. Your emotions and fears are always valid, as you know, and you deserve to address them in the best way for you. 

We know it can be a stressful and scary thing when these kinds of health crises occur. It’s easy to fall into the mob mentality and panic. But we encourage you to take a step back and know that you are okay. There are plenty of things that you can do to help yourself feel better. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the concerns seriously or take the proper precautions. Still, it just isn’t worth it to stress ourselves out to the point of panic or anxiety. So take comfort in knowing that you are capable of dealing with it as it comes, and you are strong enough to not let your life be dictated by it. 

No matter how big or small the crisis, there is a way to overcome and succeed. If you’re dealing with co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders, the recent pandemic can add another layer of stress to your pre-existing challenges. Even so, it’s never a bad time to make a change and start treating your mental health and addictions. Choice House is an inpatient recovery program based in Boulder, Colorado. We are focused on providing behavioral healthcare. Our staff will make sure you’re supported and cared for through your entire treatment process. Above all, Choice House is a long-term, comprehensive treatment center where you’ll feel perfectly at home. Call us today at (720) 577-4422 to learn more.


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