Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Choices – Benefits of Each

Choice House is a drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility focused on long-term recovery for a healthy and productive life. Our Boulder sober living home offers many different options for those seeking a lifestyle change and lasting sobriety. Three of our programs – Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), 90-Day Treatment Program and Structured Sober Living – are all viable options if you have struggled with alcoholism or drug addiction.

Each program has its own unique benefits, a few of which are outlined below:

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

  • IOP participants do not have to live onsite while receiving treatment, so they still having the flexibility to navigate personal responsibilities.
  • IOP sessions are held in the evenings three times a week, allowing participants to work a full-time job or attend school while receiving treatment.
  • Participants will engage in group therapies, individual therapy, assistance with medical needs and be connected to additional resources.

90-Day Treatment Program

  • 90-Day Inpatient Treatment Program participants will be on a structured schedule to rediscover purpose and break the routine of alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Our 90-day treatment program fosters close bonds among participants to create a long-lasting brotherhood.
  • Participants have the opportunity to explore many types of therapy, including outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains.

Structured Sober Living

  • Our Boulder Structured Sober Living program is an recommended transition for those who have completed our 90-day treatment or alternative primary treatment program.
  • We have 18 total beds in six neighboring homes where participants live full-time while going through this program.
  • Choice House incorporates the 12-Step foundation that provides recovery options from a community-based, spiritual outlook. 
  • Residents have access to numerous resources, including resume assistance and job coaching to help with reentering into the professional realm.

Have further questions about any of these three programs? Contact Jordan Hamilton at jordan@choicehouse.com or 720-577-4422.

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