The Choice House Difference

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The decision to enter a drug rehab facility is a milestone decision that will likely change the course of a person’s life. Achieving sobriety results in healthier, safe and more fulfilling lives and is not a choice that should be taken lightly.

Our Boulder, Colorado addiction treatment center is the premier facility for breaking the bonds of addiction and finding a new, sober lifestyle. We offer a unique experience that allows for tremendously positive life-long results.

What makes Choice House different?

Numerous Therapeutic Modalities

We know every individual is different, which is why we offer plentiful options for healing from addiction. Our programs are catered to many types of personalities, background situations, mental health disorders, etc., to ensure that each participant finds the method that resonates best with them. A few of our therapeutic modalities include:

Expert Therapists and Staff

Our team of clinicians, therapists, behavioral technicians and supportive staff members are fully qualified and trained to help our clients navigate the drug recovery landscape. With numerous degrees, certificates and life experiences, their combined expertise is key to guiding every Choice House participant through the good, bad and ugly roads of addiction recovery. Learn more about our team members.

Long-Term Treatment Model

Our drug addiction center practices a long-term treatment model for best results. We believe that at least three months is needed to effectively break the bonds of addiction, which is why our participants start with our 90-Day Residential Treatment program and have the option to transition to our structured sober living homes where they’ll continue in our IOP program.

Benefits of long-term drug treatment include:

  • More time to practice recovery techniques
  • Increased chance of developing a strong community that will last beyond initial treatment
  • Make the most of counseling in rehab
  • Break the cycle of dependency 

Focus on the Family

We understand that addiction does not just affect the primary individual – it takes its toll on the entire family and those closest to the person. Our addiction treatment programs focus on healing the entire family unit and offer a family program every 5-6 weeks. During this program, we cover lectures, interactive role play, group processes and more ways of resolving the issues that have been caused by addiction.

Ideal Boulder, Colorado Location

With the Flatirons and Rocky Mountain National Park as our playground, we have ample opportunities for engaging in powerful outdoor adventure therapy. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, hiking or rock climbing, we provide ample opportunities for healing through nature and forming powerful positive connections.

Choice House provides diverse healing opportunities that make it the ideal drug treatment center for numerous different individuals. Learn more about our Boulder, Colorado treatment facility today: 720-577-4422 or

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