Reduced Chance of Relapsing (And Other Benefits of 90+ Day Rehab)

Any life change requires a significant period of time to adjust and make the change a permanent move. Drug and alcohol rehab is no different. The first step of drug addiction treatment at our Boulder rehab center is our 90-day primary treatment program, and we chose this three-month time frame intentionally for a number of reasons. Here are just a few benefits of entering a 90+ day alcohol and drug rehab facility:


1. Reduced Risk of Relapse

One of the most important benefits of 90-day primary treatment is the reduced risk of relapsing after leaving drug rehab. The longer amount of time spent away from drugs and alcohol, the more likely it is that the person will be able to leave their old habits behind and create new, healthy ones.


2. More Time to Develop Recovery Skills

The time spent in drug addiction treatment should be full of learning new ways to fight addiction following rehab. All of these recovery skills are valuable components to maintaining long-term sobriety, and the longer an individual can spend developing these skills in a supportive environment, the more successful they’ll be.


3. Create Bonds with Others in Recovery

Through our outdoor adventure therapy and other activities, we place strong emphasis on the power of brotherhood and unification. No one understands better the struggles of drug addiction than someone who has been in the same shoes. Spending at least three months with others in recovery fosters a stronger bond for long-lasting support.


4. Make the Most of Counseling in Rehab

Our addiction counselors at Choice House take the time to get to know each member individually to form a personal relationship. These relationships take time to grow and are ineffective if cut too short. Putting the time into therapy is what really makes it beneficial in the long run.


5. Breaks the Cycle of Dependence

When something like addiction becomes a deeply ingrained daily habit, it takes at least 90 days to completely retrain your brain. Developing new, healthy habits and recreating a life that does not depend on drugs and alcohol are both important steps of recovery. This does not happen overnight – it requires time and effort.



If addiction is taking over the life of you or a loved one, we can help. Contact us today at 720-577-4422 or to learn more about our Boulder, Colorado addiction recovery center for men.



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