10 Addiction and Recovery Blogs to Follow

Surrounding yourself with a strong community during the addiction recovery process is an important step in attaining lifelong sobriety. This community can come in many forms, including the brotherhood formed during our 90-day treatment program or the Choice House alumni events.


Another way to find camaraderie among individuals who know what it is like to struggle with addiction is to follow sober living blogs. The Internet is full of some great, authentic blogs – here are just a few that are worth your time:


  1. The Fix

The Fix is a thorough resource for addiction recovery, featuring breaking news, interviews, reports and more. The blog section is full of advice and thoughts on addiction recovery and sober living.


  1. Hip Sobriety

This website is run by Holly Glenn Whitaker, who has experienced addiction and recovery and firsthand. She hits what she considered rock bottom in 2012 and since then took steps to improve her life. Her journey is chronicled in her blog.


  1. Recovery Addict Advice

Recovery Addict Advice provides resources, a podcast and a blog all focused on recovering from addiction and achieving a sober lifestyle. The blog covers several unique aspects of recovery that apply to multiple different situations.


  1. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle is run by a 46-year-old man who struggled with alcoholism for 25 years. He experienced several treatment options and now writes on topics he finds relevant to the recovery journey.


  1. The Sobriety Collective

The Sobriety Collective is a community of creative individuals who are united by their decision to live sober. Their blog features thoughts from several points of view on attaining sobriety through recovery.


  1. The Sober School

The Sober School is run by a woman named Kate who spent years beating herself up for drinking too much. After achieving sobriety, she now helps others find the same fulfillment in life and shares her thoughts on her blog.


  1. Soberocity

Soberocity is an online community of people from all walks of life who connect over their choice to maintain a sober lifestyle. They have a very active blog that touches on several aspects of sobriety.


  1. Unpickled

Unpickled is authored by a woman named Jean who found sobriety privately after a hidden alcohol addiction. She uses her blog as a way to hold herself accountable and encourage others to seek sobriety via the 12-Step program and community.


  1. Heroes in Recovery

Heroes in Recovery’s main goal is to eliminate the stigma that keeps individuals from seeking help for their addiction. The blog focuses on practicing mindfulness, maintaining sobriety, personal anecdotes, among several other important subjects.


  1. Addiction Inbox

The Addiction Inbox takes a scientific approach to addiction and focuses into the impact substances have on your brain. Its blog posts debunk myths surrounding the effects of alcohol and examine little-known issues on addiction.


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